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"A question settled by violence, or in disregard of law, must remain unsettled forever."
President Jefferson Davis

Until the people of the South begin to push back with equal or greater force, we will continue to lose our land, our heritage, and our birthright. If we do not begin pushing back soon, the world will witness our extinction.
Southern News
Visitors pay homage on Georgia's Confederate Memorial Day
Confederate Memorial Day remembers soldiers
Barbara Godwin honors Confederate soldiers
Relic Row: A fight is brewing over Virginia artifacts
April Confederate Heritage Month (Mississippi)
April is Confederate History Month (Georgia)
H.K. Edgerton takes on Morris Dees
Anti-Southern News & Material
Zing! loves diversity
Confederate banner flies over Lake Worth
Confederate song at Highlands School upsets some black parents
Highlands School officials apologize for song
High school bans Confederate flag insignia
Amid Changing Times, Selma Has Lost a Civil War Battle
A flag flown by enemies of U.S.
Poverty Pimps and Hatemongers
Morris Dees
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
Unreconstructed Rebel
Major Innes Randolph

Oh, I'm a good old Rebel,
Now that's just what I am;
For this "fair land of Freedom"
I do not care a damn.
I'm glad I fit against it-
I only wish we'd won.
And I don't want no pardon
For anything I've done.

I hates the Constitution,
This great Republic too;
I hates the Freedmen's Buro,
In uniforms of blue.
I hates the nasty eagle,
With all his brag and fuss;
But the lyin', thievin' Yankees
I hates' em wuss and wuss.

We got three hundred thousand
Befo' they conquered us.
They died of Southern fever
And Southern steel and shot;
And I wish it was three million
Instead of what we got.

I can't take up my musket
And fight' em now no mo',
But I ain't a-goin'to love' em,
Now that is sartin sho';
And I don't want no pardon
For what I was and am;
And I won't be reconstructed,
And I do not give a damn. 2005


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